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Sneak Peek: Mulan - Měng lóng nǚshén (Fierce Dragon Goddess) by Kuzey Creations

In another Life...


Měng lóng nǚshén sat on top of the mountain and looked down to the humans. A woman was carrying water…a child was playing with a little puppy, trying to make it jump over a little stone, a man was working hard in the rice fields…fighting against the drought, hoping all the work is worth to rescue the small amount of rice preventing the family´s starvation.


She enjoyed the sun a bit more, scratching her scales with her long, dark claws. She sighed with relief and closed her eyes. It almost got to be a ritual for her to watch this family. She liked them – they were honest, hard working people. She made a lazy gesture with her hand and heavy rain poured down. She smiled watching the puppy trying to catch the raindrops and the girl trying to catch the puppy. The couple were laughing and thanking the gods for the rain.


“You´re welcome” she whispered.


She rolled her golden, reddish eyes as she heard someone yelling, “Fa Mulan! Are you here?”


This annoying little lizard who claiming to be a dragon was searching for her, again! She was tired to hear him tell his stories where she once was a human, a girl and a fighter. She didn't believe him – if she were, why couldn't she remember all of this? Why couldn't she remember the family and the love she allegedly had? But sometimes…sometimes there was a familiar feeling when she smelled or heard something – like little flashbacks, a feeling, a color, a scent…


The moment she heard the lizard almost reach her, she rose into the air, levitating over him, laughing out loud and flew away.


“Bye little lizard!”


Mushu sat down exhausted and sighed. He wouldn't give up – she had to remember who she was. There was still a lot of work to do…

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