Sneak Peek: Miss Tynker Bell by Halo Repaints

Blowing off steam....


In my story, Tinker Bell is a young fairy who grows tired of Peter's
shenanigans and falls in love with Industrial Age London on one of
their many trips recruiting Lost Boys.

Years of hanging out in Neverland has been fun and all but Tink yearns for something more than being a sidekick and enabling others to fly. She wants to get back to her tinkering roots and make something important; to be recognized for her genius rather than her pixie dust.

Visiting the mainland has afforded her a glimpse into what her future may hold. With each trip, she sees new innovations and knows she can
contribute handily so she takes a deep breath, packs up her tools, and moves to London in 1870. She missed the first Industrial Revolution, she's not about to miss the second!

Upon arrival, Tink sets up shop in an abandoned store. Having observed humans long enough, she fashions an ensemble that enables her to fit
in while incorporating the freedom she was used to in Neverland.

She then goes about "collecting" her own Lost Boys: inventors deemed
too eccentric or strange who haven't had their big break but show
promise. Together they discuss, plan, and create many of the 19th
century's most celebrated inventions. Her fellow builders endearingly call her "Miss Tynker Belle" and easily accept her as a peer, much to her delight.

Tynker Belle likes to blow off steam in Paris, partying with the
dreamers and artists while sharing her ideas. Many of these nights
include absinthe which lead to her being linked to the state they
enter. While she's not crazy about the association, she is flattered
by the artist's representations of her as The Green Fairy.

All in all, Tynker Belle has a deeper and more profound impact on the world than she ever imagined. Should we all be so lucky ;)

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