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Sneak Peek: Belle la Rose: Beast Tamer by Rebecca's Gallery

Bettering a Kingdom! 

We all know the ending to Beauty and the Beast but what we don’t know their ever after story.

Belle proved to be educated, independent, inventive and a caring person.  She was a doer, not afraid to challenge the status quo. So it should not surprise us that she would not just sit in her lovely castle with her adoring husband, Prince Adam, hosting banquets and balls. 


The Prince was happy that Belle had saved him and his servants from his former selfish and melancholy life.  Not only did he love her dearly but he wanted to be her partner for change, to make things better for all of the inhabitants of the realm. Together, they devised plans to help the surrounding town’s people in many ways. 


Belle, became a powerful influence over the realm, feeling it was her responsibility to “Open the Eyes” of the inhabitants of the surrounding villages and countryside.  To accomplish this, horseback riding became a love of Belle’s. Frequently, she could be seen riding across the countryside to visit inhabitants, talking with them to see what the needs really were.


Though some inhabitants were still prejudiced to new ideas at first, over time many of the folk embraced the new changes, especially when they could see their own ideas were included.

New schools opened for girls as well as boys.  Women were given the opportunity to also seek education so that they could understand the bigger world in which they lived.  The enchantress, Agatha, truly a wise lady, was asked to help with education and the poor, as she understood more than anyone the plight of the less fortunate. Maurice, Belle’s father was also very instrumental in helping to teach trades to many of the men.  


Belle’s kindness and determination made the realm a better place for many generations to come.

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