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I'm Morgan May of Stardust Dolls!  I was born in Atlanta, Georgia and lived there all my life until I moved to the beautiful Mississippi Gulf Coast in 2015.

I have always been an "art" person.  I enjoy drawing/sketching, singing, writing fiction, design/sewing and painting.  When I was little, I would watch my mom sew.  She used to make my Halloween costumes and design clothes for me: and she inspired me to start sewing at five years old.  My first

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sewing-machine project was a picnic blanket for my Barbies - my love for dolls has always been part of my creativity.  I have been an avid doll collector ever since I can remember. 

Film costumes have always had a special place in my heart - whether it be with classic movies such as "Gone With The Wind" (my 8-year-old obsession), Star Wars (with Padme's beautiful gowns), or the countless other fantasy films and tv shows I admire (Chronicles of Narnia, Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean, Star Trek TOS, Batman, Marvel Superheroes, Sherlock Holmes, Jane Austen etc).

When I was 14, I began sewing seriously.  My passion for creating historical and fantasy costumes pushed me to gain sewing skills the hard way, by diving right into the "hard stuff".  In 2009, I won an award for costume design from a Simplicity Patterns contest.  In 2010, I was featured on the Burdastyle sewing and pattern website, as well as on a vintage pattern reproduction company website in 2012 and 2016.

I soon translated my passion into sewing costumes in miniature, when I began creating them for my little sister's Barbie dolls.  On a whim, I decide to post photos of some of my work on the internet - which led to my first sales.  I was introduced to custom dolls and repainting via a search on eBay, and before long I launched into the art-form myself.  I founded Stardust Dolls in 2009 and have been growing both my skills and my business ever since.  I specialize in repainting for Barbie & Tonner; doll costuming for all sizes (Barbie, Tonner, American Girl, Ever After High, Pullip, BJDs and more); doll jewelry-making, doll hair including styling, rerooting and wigs; sculpting; doll repair; accessory and miniatures crafting, etc.

I was proud to have some of my dolls featured at the Jane Austen & William Shakespeare exhibit at the Folger Shakespeare Library in Washington D.C. in 2017.  I also had the opportunity to present my dolls at a Toy Expo in San Diego in 2016.  Some of my doll costumes appeared in a U.K. Daily Mail article, worn by dolls created by the talented artist Noel Cruz.

I feel very blessed to have been able to realize my dream and create art as my profession.  My art drives me and I look forward to new challenges and twists as I pursue each project.

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